I found and drew an old oc design from when I was thirteen! She’s an unnamed girl I came up with as a protagonist for an animation I wanted to do.

Basically, the whole concept was to have her grab something, be chased around, up down and across rooftops and city streets by the local police/nebulous shadowy government force to get what she takes back, which she eventually winds up delivering to some rebel faction.

It was just going to be an excuse for animating parkour, but because A: animating is a lot of work, and B: I am a talentless hack, I never really got around to doing it and eventually forgot entirely about her!

Her getup is supposed to resemble the stereotypical old-timey paperboy outfit, mainly because I loved the idea of a little 13-or-so year old orphan girl dressed in 50’s street gear and because it looked neat to me.

Original size: 

gonna call her runner girl and probably forget about her again

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January 24, 2014 with 6 notes